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Sweet Protein
The rising incidence of diabetes and obesity is one of the key global health challenges.
Why Sweet Protein?
529 million people
living with diabetes worldwide in 2021
(according to a study by The Lancet)
The dynamics of the growth in the number of cases in recent years has become truly terrifying.

In the United Arab Emirates, the problem of diabetes is even more pressing. In 2019, the International Diabetes Federation reported a diabetes prevalence rate of 16.3% for adult population in the UAE. It has been proven that the main reason for this trend is excess sugar intake.
Sugar and the
But sugar is not just a health challenge, it’s a multi-dimensional challenge. For example, the cultivation and processing of sugar severely
harms the environment. Agrochemicals are widely used, leading to discharge and runoff of polluted effluent and air pollution. This causes the degradation of wildlife, soil, air, water and downstream ecosystems.
A large number of different sweeteners have been developed in the world. All of them can be divided into several groups:
- “chemical” (for example, aspartame) – cheap, but not healthy and not sustainable
- “natural” (for example, stevia) – not affordable, hard to provide large volumes
Healthy and
to Sugar
There is a good reason why people like the sweet taste so much. Sugar is a simple and fast source of energy for our cells, so evolution has
done its best to ensure that we are happy when we eat sweets.
However, there are molecules that can trick our sensors into giving us the same sweet taste without the calories. Sweet proteins are one of
those. They were discovered in certain types of tropical fruits. These little molecules are thousands of times sweeter than sugar, so we need only a small amount of them to get the same sweet taste.
Science knows three main types of sweet proteins, which differ in their physical and taste properties – brazzein, monellin, thaumatin. The extraction of natural sweet proteins is not economically efficient. Therefore, scientists all over the world are working to create a biotechnological method for the production of sweet proteins.
Bringing Healthy
Sweetness to Life
Novel Foods has developed a unique, proven, and world-leading technology of biotechnological production of sweet proteins. The technology is economically efficient, highly scalable, and has the potential to quickly become a world leader in sustainable and healthy sugar substitutes.
The advantage of biotechnological production is that there is no need for a long production chain – the use of agricultural land, elevators, seaports, etc. The entire production chain is implemented within the framework of one enterprise. The cost of the produced sweet proteins is approximately the same as the price of sugar (taking into account the difference in the level of sweetness).
In 2023, Novel Foods became the first company in the UAE to certify its sweet protein.
Advantages we have:
- We are the first company that has experience in the industrial production of sweet protein.
- We have the greatest competencies in the use of sweet proteins.
Our R&D center is currently developing over 20 recipes for drinks, ice cream and confectionery.
Experimentally proven: we preserve the taste - the same one we know from childhood. But without harm to the health of people and the planet.